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Attention: Do not call if you are looking for a small boat rental. We are taking a pause from our small boat rentals to do some needed maintenance for a couple of weeks. 
Our two large boats 42' and 35' are available for charter with a skipper. 
To truly see Boston, you have to see it from the Harbor. Your guests will appreciate and thank you for the opportunity to see the many sights and rich history of Boston Harbor aboard “Indiscretion” an Uncompromising 42’ Post Marine Sportfish Yacht


Interactive Navigational Maps

Chart your course before you get the marina. View the interactive maps,see aerial marine photos and plan your day.


Bring a camera because you will want to cherish these memories. But your will want to keep coming back. 75% of our guests become repeat customers or were referred by a previous guest. We've maintained this standard since 1998, and this is the single best testimony to the quality value and personal attention we lavish on our guests. Don't forget to view us on Tripadvisor!

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